CNA’s approach to partnership

CNA welcomes partnerships with organisations which share our aims of encouraging free speech, responsability, child protection and pluralism in the audiovisual sector.

CNA has a long working partnership with the Romanian Advertising Council ( and the Romanian Audiovisual Association (which represents over 220 TV and radio stations and can be seen at

The main purpose of these partnerships is to agree upon the rules of “self regulation” within the context of pluralism and free speech.

We have concluded a partnership with the Association of the Romanian Journalists (

We also have a good working partnership with the Centre for Independent Journalism ( and the Media Monitoring Agency (

CNA is member of the following Regulatory Authorities professional networks:

CERF - Central European Regulatory Forum

EPRA - European Platform of Regulatory Authorities

REFRAM - Réseau Francophone des Régulateurs des Médias

BRAF - Black Sea Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum