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Personal information

Firstname / Surname RADU BOGDAN HERJEU

Date of birth May 11, 1970

Nationality Romanian

Professional experience

Occupation or position Member of the Național Audiovisual Council Dates February 2015 – present

Occupation or position Editor-presenter of news at RTV Dates September 2011 – April 2014

Occupation or position Editor-presenter of news at B1 TV Dates March – September 2011

Occupation or position Editor in chief corporate magazine “Seat Magazine” Dates 2006 – 2007

Occupation or position Editor-presenter of news at National TV Dates March 2005 – March 2006

Occupation or position Editor at Alpha TV, production and moderating of “Zona liberă” (politic, social and cultural talk-show) Dates September – December 2004

Occupation or position Editor at Antena 1, production and moderating of over 600 broadcasts: talk-shows on political, cultural, social, economic, electoral themes, and historical, cultural and geographical documentaries Dates September 1994 – November 2003

Occupation or position Editor at Radio Romantic, editing the broadcast “Nouă ne pasă” (talk-show on different themes, live broadcast with listeners) Dates September 1994 – December 2001

Occupation or position Publicist-commentator at Jurnalul Naţional Dates May – September 2001

Occupation or position Presenter news and foreign news editor at Radio Total Dates October 1993 – February 1994

Occupation or position Reporter at Curierul Naţional Dates March – June 1992

Education and training

Dates 1989 – 1992 Institution name Bucharest University, Faculty of Chemistry

Dates 1984 – 1988 Institution name High school of mathematics-physics no.3

Dates 1976 – 1984 Institution name School no. 86

Specialized scholarships

scholarship to study at Dante Alighieri University of Regio Calabria - Italy (philological studies about Italian and universal culture)

- September – December 1991 and June 1992 – August 1993 documentation scholarship granted by National House (USA) in Prague and Budapest

- 30 November – 12 December 1997 scholarship to study granted by Freedom Forum Organization (USA), materialized by registering in the courses of the College of Journalism from Boston University and practice done at 4 American TV channels

- January – May 1998 documentation scholarship granted by the European Commission at Maastricht and Brussels

- 20 – 27 September 1999 documentation scholarship at London granted by the British Association for Central and Eastern Europe - 24 – 31 June 2000

Didactical activity

University lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Philosophy of the Spiru Haret University. I held two annual courses: Techniques of Propaganda, Manipulation and Persuasion in Television, and Television, Culture and Society - 1999-2003

Literary activity

- poetry volume „Clepsidra mea de paşi”, 21 December 1997

- dramaturgy volume „Jocul de-a fericirea”, 30 October 1999

- poetry volume „Despietrificarea”, 19 December 1999

- television analysis volume „Oglinda mişcătoare”, June 2000

- volume of interviews and publishing „Printre rânduri”, 29 September 2001

- poetry volume „Rămăşiţe de tinereţe”, 13 April 2002

- dramaturgy volume „Păstrătorul”, June 2005

- poetry volume „Să spui morţii noapte bună”, January 2006

- volume theatre play „Autorul”, March 2006

Extraprofessional activities

- member of the „Clubul Nouă Ne Pasă!” (cultural NGO for the young) organizer of the Naţional Festival of Arts for High School Students – LicArt

Prizes and awards

- cultural award granted by the Romanian Academy – 15 January 2001

- rewarding-nomination of the theatre play „Păstrătorul” at the National Playwriting Competition organized by the Ministry of Culture in 2001

- nomination of the theatre play „Autorul” at the National Playwriting Competition organized by the Ministry of Culture in 2005

- 2nd prize at the National Comedy Playwriting organized by the Ministry of Culture in 2006

- prize „Opera Prima – Nichita Stănescu” for the volume „Să spui morţii noapte bună”, 2006