Radu Călin Cristea, Council Member

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- born on the 30-th of April 1955, in Ineu, Arad county
- divorced, one girl (in custody)

Education, military service, professional activity

- October 1975 – June 1979 – Faculty of Letters, Romanian/French language and literature, University of Bucharest
- September 1966 – June 1974 – elementary and high school, Chişineu-Criş, Arad county

- October 1974 – July 1975 – short-term military service, Vânju Mare unit, Mehedinţi county

- February 2013 – senior TV journalist
- July 2012 – February 2013 – editor in chief, Literature and arts editorial office of the public television (TVR)
- June 2012 – July 2012 General Director (Interim) of TVR
- May 2012 – June 2012 – counsellor, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
- June 2010 – March 2012 – Institute for Free Initiative, Bucharest – columnist
- July 2009 – June 2010 – SC Publishing House “Cuvântul” SRL, Bucharest – columnist
- February 2008 – June 2009 – National Museum of Literature, Bucharest, General Director
- May 2007 – January 2008 – SC Publishing House “Cuvîntul” SRL, Bucharest – columnist
- April 2005 – May 2007 – daily “Averea”, Bucharest, senior editor
- February 1990 – April 2005 – “Cuvântul” and “Amfiteatru” editorial offices, subsequently “Cuvîntul” Publishing House SRL, Bucharest, deputy editor in chief, editor in chief
- May 1995 – November 2003 – Radio “Free Europe”, Prague, producer editor
- June 1991 – April 1995 – Radio “Free Europe”, Bucharest, permanent correspondent
- August 1990 – June 1991 – Radio “Free Europe”, Bucharest, correspondent
- January 1988 – February 1990 – magazine “Urzica”, Bucharest, editor, principal editor
- January 1983 – April 1990 – producer editor sports publications, “Rapid” Sports Club, Bucharest
- October 1981 – August 1982 – pioneers house, Buftea, Ilfov county, instructor – puppet theatre
- October 1979 – September 1981 – elementary schools in Arpăşel, Tăut and Talpoş, Bihor county, French language and literature professor

- Member of the Writers Association in Romania (since 1990)
- Member of the Department of criticism and literary history of the Bucharest Association of the Writers Association in Romania (1990)

Books published

“Emil Botta or about the innocence borders”, Albatros Publishing House, 1984
“Literatures of Bucharest or about memory without remembrances” (coordinator, preface, Semne Publishing House, 2009)
“12 conversations about transition”, Paralela 45 Publishing House, 2010

Prefaces, postfaces, essays, interviews

Ovidiu Genaru – “Passion after Bacovia”, Cartea Românească Publishing House, 1986 (postface) – literary criticism
“Emil Botta Interpreted” – anthology by Paul P. Drogeanu, Eminescu Publishing House, 1986 (literary criticism)
Doina Uricariu – “Critical Library”, Eminescu Publishing House, 1986 (literary criticism)
Ştefan Aug. Doinaş – “Hunger for One”, Eminescu Publishing House, 1987 (preface, literary criticism)
“The Competition Continues – ‘80 Generation in Theoretical Texts” – anthology by Gheorghe Crăciun, Vlasie Publishing House, 1994 (literary theory)
Ioan Mihuţ – “Ştefan Aug. Doinaş”, Recif Publishing House, 1994 (literary criticism)
“Return to Europe”, anthology by Adrian Marino, Aius Publishing House, 1996 (essay)
“Politeness as a weapon – Interviews with Al. Paleologu”, Dacia Publishing House, 2000 (interview)
“The War of Literature Has Not Yet Finished”, interviews with Dumitru Ţepeneag, All Publishing House, 2000 (interview)
“Marius Sala – Their Contemporary, His Contemporary”, Univers Enciclopedic Publishing House, 2002 (essay)
Laurenţiu Ulici – “Anthology of young poets 1978 – 1982”, MNLR Publishing House, 2005 (lyrics)
“Why I Became a Linguist?”, Univers Enciclopedic Gold Publishing House, 2012 (essay)

Award for debut of the Writers Association (1984)
“George Călinescu” Grand Prize (1985)

Presence in guides, encyclopedias

”Mass Media Guide of Romania”, National Forum Foundation/Freedom House, 1997
“Personalities Encyclopedia of Romania”, Hubners Who is Who Publishing House, 2006

Analysis and comments on cultural, political, social, civilization and (post)communism topics

- in the press in Romania (22, Cuvîntul, Amfiteatru, Viața studențească, Familia, Orizont, Vatra, Ateneu, România Liberă, România Literară, Sfera Politicii, Ziua, Averea, Cotidianul, Viața Românească, Historia, Dilema, Dilemateca, Adevărul, Observator cultural etc.) and from abroad (La Croix l’Evenement, The Wall Street Journal etc.).

Participates in debates on political issues, recent history and civilization in television programs (SOTI, TVR 1, TVR 2, TVR 3, TVR Info, TVR Cultural, TVR Internaţional, Realitatea TV, Pro TV, Antena 1, Antena 3, The Money Chanel, B1 TV etc.) and radio programs (Europa Liberă, BBC, Radio France International, Radio România Actualităţi, Radio România Cultural, Radio România Internaţional, Radio Mix, Radio Total, Radio Europa FM, Realitatea FM, Radio Guerilla etc.).

He was, between June 1995 and December 2003, the moderator of Romanian Actuality, the program with the largest audience in the history of Radio Free Europe. At Radio Free Europe he conducted the cycle of broadcasts Ariadne’s Thread. Testimonies from the Transition Labyrinth, in which he had as guests, among others, Adrian Marino, Nicolae Manolescu, Andrei Pleşu, Ştefan Aug. Doinaş, Neagu Djuvara, Al.Zub, Irina Nicolau, Doina Cornea, Sorin Alexandrescu, Stere Gulea, Mircea Dinescu, Dinu C. Giurescu, Barbu Brezianu etc.

About his journalistic and literary activity – in analyses and commentaries signed by N. Steinhart, Nicolae Manolescu, Ovid S. Crohmălniceanu, I. B. Lefter, Alex Ștefănescu, Eugen Simion, Marian Popa, Ștefan Aug. Doinaș, N. Steinhart, Gheorghe Grigurcu, Al. Cistelecan, Paul Cernat, Laurențiu Ulici, Radu G. Țeposu, Cristian Teodorescu, Gabriel Dimisianu, Sorin Lavric etc.


1. “Radu Călin Cristea is one of the best journalists in Romania. He examines the reality with the accuracy of a high performance scanner, weighs the facts with the precision of a very fine balance, and serving the audience with an impeccable modesty and objectivity. In a country where the press is among the most corrupt, arrogant and irresponsable segments of society, Radu Călin Cristea is not contemporary with his time. He still believes in honesty, clarity, civility and sense of responsibility. Never ostentatious, the narrative qualities of Cristea are those of a first-class writer. He knows, respects and uses the immense power of the Word, as few colleagues are able or willing to do.”
(Dorin TUDORAN, Director, Democracy Fellows Program, Civil Society & Governance Team, World Learning, USA, former anticommunist dissident, member of American and French Pen Clubs)

2. “…modern critical writing, where the general culture and philosophical horizon, softness of observations and pleasure to pronounce the discourse are harmoniously balanced. Radu Călin Cristea, who comes with a special talent in literary criticism, promises to be an interpreter of poetry of great fervor and investigation to the point. “
(Ștefan Aug. DOINAȘ, poet)

3. “Irremediably seduced by the spell of text, by its corporality, the author enters the intimacy of writing by an inflorescent and euphoric speech, always aiming at joyful merging. In fact, before being critic, Radu Călin Cristea is one of the true writers and his texts have undeniably literary virtues. “ (Radu G. ŢEPOSU, literary critic and historian)

He has been decorated with the Cross of the Royal House of Romania (2012)