Regular updates about CNA and its Phare project


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CNA’s Phare project commissioned 4 Newsletters, all of which can be seen (in English) here.

The main purpose of the newsletters was to promote the national surveys, studies and polls that were commissioned by the project, but they also proved to be a useful means of promoting other news from CNA.

For researchers and students, the main value of these newsletters is the summary of the research/polls; they also provide a useful summary of the activities of the Phare project.

All newsletters are in PDF format can be downloaded from the list below.

Attached documents

  • Nov 2007 (PDF - 108.8 kb)
    Includes a summary of a major national survey regarding media influence on elections
  • December 2007 (PDF - 149 kb)
    Includes a summary presentation of a national survey of “Children’s Exposure to TV & Radio programmes”
  • January 2008. (PDF - 80.1 kb)
    Includes a summary of a national survey about “the impact of advertising on children”
  • Februrary 2008 (PDF - 110.5 kb)
    Including a summary of the national survey of public “habits and attitudes” regarding TV.