TV Spots

“Don’t Let Your Child be Educated by TV”


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A public awareness campaign

Research carried out by the National Audiovisual Council of Romania (CNA) into the effect of television on children was worrying. Almost a third of Romanian children have a TV in their own room, many have seen horror films, and they spend more time in front of the TV than they do at school. CNA decided to act.

With the support of its Phare project, CNA commissioned three TV spots, two radio spots, an outdoor “billboard” campaign and educational material for primary schools.

The TV Spots can be seen here:

continuation of article The purpose of the campaign was to inform parents of the potential risks of allowing their children to watch too much television. The campaign messages are “Don’t Let Your Child be Educated by TV” and “Don’t abandon your child in front of the TV”. The first TV spot is set in an ordinary living room late at night. Both of the parents are asleep and the boy is traumatized by what he is seeing. The voiceover says “sleeping parents can give birth to monsters”. The second and third spots are designed to show the “consequences” of too much TV. The second one shows a young boy at his birthday party. All seems well until he is given a knife to cut the cake and he starts stabbing the cake viciously, finally stabbing his own teddy bear. Everyone is shocked – including the boy – and it has a strong impact.

The third spot features a pretty young girl in the metro train. She spots a young boy and performs a short but suggestive dance around the vertical bar. The boy smiles, the adults pretend it isn’t happening and it is all over in seconds.

All the main TV and radio stations in Romania broadcast the spots, at their own expense (i.e. CNA or Phare did not pay). By the end of 2007 an Omnibus monitoring report showed that the TV spots had been broadcast over 2,000 times; each broadcast is worth an average of 3000 Euro each. How much impact has the campaign had? According to the Omnibus survey carried out in October, just a month after the campaign was launched, 39% of the population had “seen or heard about” CNA’s campaign about “inappropriate TV programming for children.”

International Feedback

“Very Good, any TV shows must be highly censored. Here in Brazil, these films and novels shows nude men and women and the government does nothing about to stop these indecencies...” Piolhochato, Brazil

“Just watched them - fantastic - really strong. Brilliant.” Ali, Cardiff, UK

“This is powerful stuff. Think we could do with some of the same.” Chris, London, UK

“Wow that is fantastic — very powerful and looks beautiful and oh what a message. Well done. Great quality on you tube as well pictures are mint. What settings did you upload the video at?” Tim, Cardiff, UK

"Amazing stuff, the one on the train really spooked me. The young prepubescent girl pole dancing - very powerful." Marg & Derek, London, UK